Top 10 things about Vista

  1. Security – Even, logged in as administrator, gives you non administrative rights, just yet, those admin rights request will pop-up when its needed. So, this means, if there’s an automated process that tries to run as local logged in privileges, they may have problems executing admin level functions.
  2. Aero – Darn, its cute, takes a little more video power at the core, but hell, its worth it
  3. Incompatible program will be booted – Good, cause, i don’t want some crappy lack of testing product running on my system
  4. Bitlocker – Finally, your data belongs to you even if some terrorist picks up your stuff
  5. Its fast – Although, some may not be too fond of this though, i think, with decent hardware, Vista performs quite well with all the junk i am running on it now…
  6. My favorite programs work – Fear of unable to run your favourite program? If it runs on XP with SP2, most likely it will run with Vista
  7. Update is integrated – I do not access any website, just hit the updater..viola…
  8. Event viewer – Awsome, awsome..It sorts important events to the regular bla blas, it has more categorization (this feature will kick ass in Longhorn)
  9. Vista’s Parental Control – Now i can force myself out of surfing porn :D, and works like a charm, and its part of the OS
  10. Windows Defender – Its truly a centralized command center for security related to your computer.