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Hi, been a while since i wrote anything here. Anyway, here’s something i just had to share with my friends out there.

If you are in a dire need of a DHCP server (i’m laughing at that statement too..), cause the main one crashed or isn’t functioning, then you do not necessarily need to install another Windows box or a Unix server just to start pouring out life into our DHCP client devices. Just fire up your XP (or compatible OS) and start this excellent software called TFTPD32.

Firstly, its FREE, yes, FREE la.

TFTPD is a completely functional DHCP server with a TFTP server and client and a SYSLOG server, all in a tiny under 500k binary. Superb stuff. I had to use it to do a TFTP and DHCP to assign a device while upping a TFTP image off the TFTP server.

Its just too simple to use, for DHCP, just define the scope start and the amount of assignable IPs of that scope and usual stuff like Netmasks and also you can create custom DHCP options. Unfortunately, unlike the infamous DHCP server from Windows, the options are not selectable and if you do not know what options are there, you could Google it or simply click here… .

Finally, this tool is a network arsenal, to
1. Do all of what it’s capable of (like DHCP-ing, TFTP-ing…)
2. Turnturtle your ex’s network by just plugging in this baby into any network and assign bogus IPs thus causing a DHCP offer from yours and an existing DHCP server ….

Their official website where you could download the software:

Screenies from my DHCP setup couple of hours ago

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  1. When a DHCP-configured client (be it a computer or any other network-aware device) connects to a network, the DHCP client sends a broadcast query requesting necessary information from a DHCP server. The DHCP server manages a pool of IP addresses and information about client configuration parameters. thanks for the share info about dhcp.

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